Poet. Glassblower. Digital artist. Traditional artist. Cook. Apparel & Accessory Designer. Psychologist. Philosopher. Animal and nature lover.

The times in my life where I find myself furiously scrawling lines for a poem or frantically drawing or sketching during the witching hour are the times that make me wish I had more time for art in my life because the boundless drive to create is deep within me and it is bursting out of my soul wherever it can, it’s thirst to find its way into existence is unquenchable.

Never give up. Always follow your heart. Believe in yourself and others will follow. You can make a difference. Pursue your dreams when possible and make the best of what life gives you. Things might not always go your way and we do not always get what we want but it is due to this unfairness and these odds stacked against us that we have challenges to overcome. So always do your best and remember, the true way to succeed is to embrace and learn from our failures and to preserve until we meet our goals.