Tidal Phoenix

Hope is reborn with the dawn, Peace sets in with the dusk How great it is to yawn, How lovely to have a husk Within us all are starlight seeds, Plant them in others and let our light shine They grow with love and are watered by kind deeds, How glorious an existence which can feel so divine Fires cannot destroy our inner selves, Let them burn away the illusions, burn away the pain Pleasant memories preserved on our mental shelves, How wonderful it is to breathe and to dance in the rain Continue reading Tidal Phoenix

Cavernous Grief

You filled the room with your smiles Our heart’s hearth with your warmth Now you’re naught but an urn of ashes The once forrested valley of love Your garden of kindness and hope Reduced to cinders and survived by a crater I descend into the darkness you once filled with light There I stand in the void – cold and alone But I think of the good times, the familiar, the fun So onto the walls I etch scenes from memory In them I entrust each fishing trip Every shared sunday in the church you held so dear I engrave … Continue reading Cavernous Grief