Cavernous Grief

You filled the room with your smiles Our heart’s hearth with your warmth Now you’re naught but an urn of ashes The once forrested valley of love Your garden of kindness and hope Reduced to cinders and survived by a crater I descend into the darkness you once filled with light There I stand in the void – cold and alone But I think of the good times, the familiar, the fun So onto the walls I etch scenes from memory In them I entrust each fishing trip Every shared sunday in the church you held so dear I engrave … Continue reading Cavernous Grief

People are Priceless

People often ask what super powers you would choose if you had the opportunity. When I was younger I craved flight, I longed for the wings that could carry me away from it all. As I grew older, I decided teleportation would be much faster and I would have more time to spend as a result. These days, were I able I would gladly choose healing touch, because truly what’s the point of super powers if you can’t save a life. Riches and power may bring ephemeral delight but other people are far more priceless than anything money can buy. Continue reading People are Priceless